Professional hair and makeup is a must in my humble opinion. My hair and makeup artists have worked along side me for years and know exactly what I like for my clients…what fits my style of imagery and what products/application techniques will translate best in camera. Investing in this aspect of your experience is just as important as the session itself. That all being said, it is not mandatory and you should do what makes you feel most sexy.

I work with each of my clients, usually through text message and email, to make suggestions and recommendations for pieces that fit their body types best. My phone is usually blowing up with fitting room fashion shows while I suggest another color, different straps, “add a garter belt” etc. In the studio, I do have *some* pieces, but selection is limited, and is more of a last resort option.

Absolutely, you can bring some moral support and encouragement! I only ask that you will be able to fully surrender to my direction. That you will be able to do that “deep breath” I ask for or position your body in a certain way, without reservation! IF you feel this will not be possible with a bestie on board, then she’ll need to wait at home to see your final product. 🙂

Girl. YES! YES! AND YES! I have only ever photographed 1 model for boudoir and I pride myself in believing that each and every woman that trusts me with this process will be a model at the end of her session. I work tirelessly to make sure I get GENUINE, passionate and convicting emotion from my clients…as I’ve said before…you only need to trust my direction. You won’t believe it’s you in your photos.

This is completely normal. Take a moment to read the client testimonial page for REAL client reactions to the process. It’s rare that a woman walks in my doors without some sort of reservation, insecurity, fear…you name it. But I don’t let it last for long…these feelings – these lies…they have no place in my studio…you are glorious and have nothing to fear. I will show you. And…if I’m having a little trouble helping you relax, well…I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Namely…tequila. LOL