I have been wanting to do a boudoir shoot for a few years but couldn’t find a photographer I loved. Searching Instagram one evening I stumbled upon Christina’s site and fell in love with the composure of her photos! Christina was prompt with her correspondence while we worked to schedule an appointment and she had a hair and makeup gal to recommend. I had no idea who I was going to go to for hair/makeup so that was a huge relief! Leading up to our appointment, Christina was available via email and text to provide feedback on my outfit selections and confirmed my hair/makeup appointment (talk about a custom experience!). The morning of our shoot I knew I was in experienced hands and working with a quality team when the makeup artist mentioned certain tricks she uses when working with Christina, per her specific request, to ensure small details within the photos come out a certain way! I loved knowing, before I had even met Christina, that she was considering all the little details – that’s a quality I can relate to and absolutely love! Arriving on site, Christina blew me away with her warm and energetic aura! I was unsure if I would be bashful at all but I was pleasantly surprised by how welcoming the studio was. Christina has a natural way of creating a non-judgmental environment and bringing out your natural confidence and beauty! During my follow-up visit to pick photos, I couldn’t stop smiling! It was such a chore to narrow down my photo selections – I loved them all SO much! Don’t bother searching any further! You have found your boudoir photographer!!